Here are a few charts we find interesting. These are from various sources as well as a result of our own research.

Current Data Charts

 This is a weekly chart of the Exchange Traded Fund UUP

This ETF predominately tracks the relationship between the US Dollar and the Euro. Notice how the fund bottomed out in 2013 and has moved up sharply since May of 2014. We anticipate this ETF to continue to rise into the $25 range as the European Central Bank continues to stimulate the European economy by forcing a lower Euro/US Dollar Exchange Rate.

The Euro exchange rate hit a high of 1.42 to the US Dollar in October, 2007 and now looks to be headed closer to parity, or 1 to 1 in the future. We are not predicting a 1 to 1 exchange rate… but we do think it will be in the 1.15 range soon. 

This chart tells us that the Euro has faded quickly against the US Dollar since May of 2014. Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank, recently spoke about the struggling Euro Zone economy and leads us to believe that the Euro will continue to decline in value against the US Dollar. A weaker Euro/ US Dollar exchange rate would help the Euro Nations create growth in their multi nation economy.


NYSE Volume 5/1/97 through 9/11/2018

This is a chart of the NYSE volume from 5/1/97 through 9/11/2018. The elliptical displays the peak volume months of June, July and August of 2007. NYSE volume has fallen back to very low levels not seen since 1997 and could be an interesting sign of a large future rally. Currently daily NYSE volume is hovering around 800M shares per day compared to 1.6B back in 2007. The “risk on” trade we have heard so much about since the Fed began easing in March of 2009 has not been supported with increased trading volume. This has led us to remain cautious until the Fed stimulus is reduced. An increase in volume with a market decline would be a very healthy signal of capitulation and may well give us access to entry into equities.





Company Charts


These are charts of companies that we currently own or are on our daily research list for future investment. 


AIG as of 9/11/2018 



Apple as of 9/11/2018


Bank of America as of 9/11/2018


 Citigroup as of 9/11/2018


Frontier as of 9/11/2018


GE as of 9/11/2018


GM as of 9/11/2018


 Goldman Sachs as of 9/11/2018


 Goodyear as of 9/11/2018


  ManuLife as of 9/11/2018



 Microsoft as of 9/11/2018



 Nokia as of 9/11/2018



 Synovus as of 9/11/2017






Research Charts



This is our updated miles driven chart

The Data is taken from the Department of Transportation and uses 4000 collection sites across the country.

Notice the trend has flattened over the last six months after recovering from our low in December of 2011.

This chart gives us insight to US economic activity relating to transportation. It is a very good sign when this chart begins trending upward, unfortunately the data collection is very slow and usually has a 3 month lag.




Euro vs. Dow

Euro in red, Dow in white








Euro to Dollar Chart, 2012

Brokers to Realtors, 1980 – 2011

Dow Jones Historical Chart

Patterns are very important to us. We study all types of issues and try to identify repeatable patterns so that we can overlay fundamental research of the moment and make entry and exit decisions. This chart helps one see the pattern of long term capital build and then capital consolidation. We want to be in equities during the capital build (green) and bonds in the consolidation period (red). This chart displays our 12 year concentration on bonds that many of you have been living through. Our equity positions have been minimal during the past 12 years and that position has served us well. The next capital building phase is likely to occur within the next 2 to 5 years and may lead us to the greatest equity build to date. This is why we are committed to continuing our equity research looking for those industry leaders. The next bull market is going to be tremendous.(Click for more information and larger image)