Adjusting risk by listening

Risk is an individual choice; we adjust risk based on listening and setting objectives—our first question is always, “What is the objective for this money?” We marry that objective to a date or an amount that will achieve it. Then we help you with the appropriate investments that can meet the objective and stay within a risk profile that is comfortable and understandable for you.

We keep our investments simple because of risk. Risk is associated with the company, with macroeconomics, globalization, interest rates, currency translations and who knows what else. We cannot eliminate it, but we can profile and identify it to the best of our abilities.

Our value models assess risk over an industry’s life cycle. We focus on cyclical patterns of economic activity and identify entry and exit points where risk in a particular industry is measurable relative to past, current, and future value.

Learn more about our risk profiles by reviewing the sample portfolios in our growth, balanced, and income investments.