Portfolio types

We firmly believe in being paid to invest, which is why we specialize in income producing assets. There are three separate phases in the investment lifespan: growth, balanced, and income.

Growth phase

When people or organizations are young they are typically gathering assets—some examples include nonprofits wanting to grow to maturity, people with recent inheritances, or young professionals creating retirement plans.

Our growth portfolios have no more than 12 companies that meet growth and value oriented long term criteria. These companies cross the economic spectrum, representing fully researched industries we believe will grow and appreciate over time. We take fewer and larger positions as time passes and prices rise, so we manage tax liabilities and asset allocations easily. View our sample Growth Phase table.

Balanced phase

This phase is best for people or organizations that are still working but want to begin reducing risks. The objective is to maintain current assets while adding along the way. These portfolios include income-only assets such as corporate, government or municipal bonds. The debt is purchased individually to build a manageable, predictable income stream alongside a smaller, diverse equity holding. View our sample Balanced Phase table.

Income phase

When people or entities are comfortable with the assets they have, many times they want those assets to provide income. This is our specialty—we have decades of experience studying balance sheets and debt profiles of hundreds of publically traded companies. View our sample Income Phase table.