Types of accounts

BrickStreet Equity Management is a Registered Investment Advisor. We are registered with the NC Secretary of State to provide discretionary investment advisory services on a fee based platform.

We concentrate in these areas:


Because we developed BrickStreet from relationships forged over the last 20 years, many of our accounts are managed on behalf of individuals. Our portfolios are personally crafted based on client objectives and their investing life phase. We do not have a one-size-fits-all style box; we identify the investment profile clients need to meet investing objectives.


Trust accounts are increasingly important as Americans age. We understand the legal issues regarding trusts and the need for strict financial management of trust assets. We have funded hundreds of trusts for parents, children, grandchildren, educations, and long-term philanthropic gifts. We work with accredited trust and estate attorneys to bring clarity to the mystery of trusts.

Retirement Plans

IRA, IRA rollovers, and pooled retirement accounts are also a large part of our business mix; these assets fit our management style. We assure that documentation is in order to transfer to the next generation or simply manage for the end of life.

Custodian Accounts

Children of all ages need investment advice concerning gifts and transfers of assets. We manage custodial accounts individually so the beneficiary and grantor can track their own personal accounts. Using savvy account management, every year we help send kids to college, provide funds for weddings, cars, apartments, and the next generation.


Well-established nonprofits with income and capital preservation needs find our investment style easy to manage and explain to board members and donors. We find funding assets for projects, grants, or other nonprofit obligations quickly and reliably due to our daily pricing and ready marketability of our investments. BrickStreet also reserves the right to negotiate reduced management fees for nonprofits as a matter of community service.


We accept the responsibility of managing estate accounts with professional honor, consulting with accredited estate attorneys and tax advisors to make sure they are handled properly. We help with cost basis reporting, beneficiary advice, settlement distribution, and ongoing management until all assets are distributed to the rightful parties.