Who we are

 We put our mission into action every day, incorporating a simple approach to managing assets. We believe all our clients should easily understand what they own, why they own it and how the investment really works. And they should be able to understand it all in easy-to-read, simple statements.

We invest in publically traded companies, equity and debt. Many clients depend on the income their portfolios provide for their livelihood. That’s why the cornerstone of our practice is providing income and protecting principal.

On the equity side, our focus is on value-oriented stocks, we usually select the number one or number two companies in their respective industry. We conduct in-house research before we purchase equities, looking inside and outside the company, taking market and economic cycles into consideration.

Cash is a manageable asset class for us. Sometimes it’s best to hold large portions of portfolios in cash, especially given recent history when “not losing” was better than taking risk. At BrickStreet, cash management is an asset class managed as part of your global investment picture.

Simple stocks, bonds, and cash… easily understandable, and very liquid.

BrickStreet’s investment philosophy is based on a few core values; these are qualities we hold dear…