Choosing Asheville

Many people ask us why we chose Asheville as a place to create an investment management business. Asheville is possibly one of the coolest places in America. As a native North Carolinian, Matthew’s family moved to town in 1966 from the eastern part of the state. At that time it was still fairly rural, and he enjoyed growing up with the beauty, the pace, and the people who were independent thinkers.

Matthew was fortunate to travel many places before he turned 20, including Los Angeles, New York, Minneapolis, Dallas, Atlanta, Kansas City, New Orleans. He spent a summer in Indiana and one in North Dakota working when he was only 18 and 19 years old.

Each time he returned he felt totally comfortable and at home, and he committed to getting an education and returning to Asheville as an adult to be part of a local community that encourages global thinking and perspectives.

Asheville encourages that perspective. Its small size, about 75,000 people, preserves the mountain culture and promotes knowing your neighbor.

From the Vanderbilts to Billy Graham, to the Bohemians and the beer makers, Presidents and the Royal Family, to the Love Bus gypsies, Asheville attracts an incredible spectrum of human intellectual property.

When Matthew travels doing research, people light up when they find out he’s from Asheville. They often talk about their great visit, or someone they know who lives there or how they have heard about its beauty.

This “out of the woods” perspective helps him separate from the intensity of his profession and look at things with an open mind. He’s not caught up in the daily grind of a New York, Boston or Los Angeles. Although he admits to missing some of the corporate details that come from living in a mega city, the trade off so far has proved rewarding.

Some of our favorite places include: